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A big thank you to all the participants! 

23 & 24 / 01 / 2015


Kulturbezirk 2, A-3100 St. Pölten

Additional information, including video recordings of the conference can be found on the following social media channels.

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The 2nd edition of the International Symposium on Cultural Education hosted by the Niederösterreichische Kulturwirtschaft will take place in the Austrian city of Sankt Pölten on the 23rd and 24th of January 2015.

The aspired discourse will build upon internationality & migration, urban development, minorities and qualitative research & analysis. The ageless importance of these 4 subjects and its relevance for cultural education and audience development form our common challenge.

The symposium as a platform for debate and an open-space for new and innovative ideas, offers a variety of thought-provoking keynote speeches, expert talks, debates, panel discussions and hands-on workshops. As well as plenty of room and time to mingle with international experts, colleagues and co-workers to get fresh perspectives on cultural education and do your networking.

You will be amongst professionals in the field, teachers, cultural educators, students and delegates from different cultural sectors and institutions. An audience of professionals and experts as diverse as it can get and – most importantly – refined with anyone else curious and interested in the conference!

A brief history:

The symposium was founded by Niederösterreiche Kulturwirtschaft in 2013 and is organized biennially.
“What does cultural education really mean?” and the 3 main themes 
social inclusionparticipation and emotional intelligence served as the starting point of the journey. 
Over a 150 professionals exchanged ideas, experience and knowledge, and discussed current trends in the arts, dance, theater and music.
Some of the experiences we´ve made, we´d like to share already. So please check out the 2013 program and videos.

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